Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve Jobs: Heroes and Heroines

I took the pedestrian time portal over to the downtown Palo Alto Apple Store yesterday. It's a nice walk past the library and park fields on a long path of trees that runs alongside the Caltrain railroad track.  At the end of the path, I cross San Francisquito Creek a time portal that has occasionally taken me back to visit with a local Ohlone tribe, back before 1769 when the Spaniards arrived. 

Yesterday, however, I continued past the temptation to drop back a few centuries and gather fall berries with a few of my early California sisters, and headed out along Alma Street on the path to more recent times.  

No matter what time of day I've walked past, since Steve Jobs death, there's been a crowd of people gathered at the window of the downtown apple store, writing postits, dropping off flowers, taking photos, or simply reading the notes that others have left. I found at least six different languages yesterday, two of whose origin I couldn't even make a guess.

We all need heroes and heroines so that we can go forth with a touch more heroism ourselves.


  1. That is a cool picture. And we do all need heroes. Two of mine are Mikhail Gorbachev and Santa Claus. I know mythical heroes count...right?? Not that Santa is mythical. I've seen him too many times to believe that. And even had a hug from his personal representative on earth, Father Mikhail. :):) Way to go Laurel.

  2. I'm glad you liked it and thank you for letting me know. I could have stood there for a couple of hours reading all of those notes. So many really god ideas. Been trying to think of some of my favorite heroines today.

    Besides US that is