Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Indian Summer at Edgewood (No. 1): Creekside

I've read that the term Indian Summer had to do with the land of India, but Wikipedia says it's a Native American reference. 

Wikipedia's not always right. So everybody can decide on their own, or read something academic and let me know, eh?

I do know that Indian Summer is on full display right now in Edgewood Park, a county park nature reserve five minutes (driving) from Cañada College
where I take classes.

The Ohlone tribe were the first people who lived and gathered food in this area. If I slide down the bank of this creek into it's time passage, I might meet up with a few Ohlone. Could have still been a few fish down in this creek 300 years ago, 

Indian Summer at Edgewood
Part 2:  Oak Apples
Part 3: Rose Hips


  1. As a fourth grade teacher in CA (Bakersfield and Belridge) I studied/taught about the Yokuts tribe. Absolutely fascinating. Then when teaching at Tahoe, I studied the Northern Paiutes (Reno/Carson Valley) and that was equally fascinating. I met a very old woman named Wuzzie George, and took my class to watch her use her old skills. WONDERFUL!! I will send you a photo.

  2. Oh Sashanme, I cannot wait. And just tonight I've learned that there are descendants of the Ohlone tribe still livign in the area, though I've always heard otherwise. - Laurel