Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Creek's Low

Mama Gooliiya Unusumkaranayata Kamathi Naha*!

Our Creek's Low
Are Fish and her family hiding beneath that rock?
Lizard crawls into her hole and waits.
Frog is croaking hopefully.
Rabbit is wondering, will the rains come soon?
Doe and Fawn wander on.
Where does Cougar get a drink?

Let's Come out From Under Our Rock.
Let's turn off the tap and the air conditioner.
Let's look.
* * *
An Article in the Huffington PostWhy Some American's Deny Global Warming  

* Mama Gooliiya Unusumkaranayata Kamathi Naha! means, "I do not like global warming" in Sinhala, one of the languages spoken in Sri Lanka

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