Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ench By Sew-017 Gettin' Shirty (Previously Ench By Sew-007)

Listeners have requested that I re-publish this show, last published in
April 2013 (and removed for not-very-exciting technical challenges)

SEW now.... the February 2014 ReRun....
"Enchanted By Sewing" Podcast is, once more,
available in the pod-o-sphere!

This month we're getting' Shirty.

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Is that garment you're sewing a shirt or a blouse? Is it the collar stand, or lack thereof that makes you decide one way or another? How about set-in sleeves versus dropped? Maybe it's your choice of fabric.... This month Laurel talks about her experiences creating her No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Shirt, with a Butterick pattern that sometimes says shirt and other times blouse. She also discusses sewing techniques that say shirt, and chats a little about the history of shirts and shirty language (with special attention to a scene from a Harry Potter book ).

 This podcast is an extension of  my on-web sewing life journal Me Encanta Coser, a blog that tells the story of an arty-romantic plain sewist in CA. My blog is written in English. The blogs name, and occasional references, pays tribute to the beautiful Spanish language which is a part of both the history and modern culture of the San Francisco Bay area, where I live.

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The show is created, produced, and brought to you by Laurel Shimer author of the Time Travel e-book My Heart Beats Faster in Past Times. This historical romance, ebook-novella is available exclusively on for your iPad, nook or kindle ebook reader, for only 99 cents (Only 99 cents? That's less than a cup of coffee!) 



• Shirt or Blouse - Pattern Plays a Big Role

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hiking Edgewood: Cottontail Brush Rabbit - If I sit really still....

Sylvilagus bachmani is the scientific name for the
Western Brush Rabbit , a species of cottontail 
If I sit really
Still, then she won't know I'm here.
You smart cottontail!
~ ~ ~

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hiking Edgewood:Pirate's Cave Mystery - Handley Rock

Trailside, do I see
Pirate's cave across the way?
Handley Rock beckons!

You can't get there from here. 

Handley Rock is a secret treasure discovered for the first time by many, only because they hiked at Edgewood Nature Preserve. Reminiscent of Never Never Land,skull shaped Handley Rock, beckons to local rock-climbers,mystics, romantics, and pirate-loving locals.

When hiking Edgewood's Sylvan Exercise Loop, I begin to look for Handley Rock shortly after I pass the first half mile posting shortly past the Waterfall. As soon as I see gaps in the vegetation  that screens the valley that lies roughly southeast(East is towards the San Francisco Bay. South is San Jose) I begin scanning for this mysterious piratical dome that formed from Whiskey Hill sandstone. 

~ ~ ~
Friends of Edgwood
Handley Rock in 365 days of things to do in Redwood City  (includes map link)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Pineapple Express: Aloha!

Comes from Hawaii-
Rain rivers crash on our coast.
Mahalo means thanks!

I created this illustration as a tribute to my buddy Kim on the big island of Hawaii, who sent (hopefully) drought-breaking rain my way. She grows the best white pineapples too!

~ ~ ~

What is this Pineapple Express and how does it relate to the drought in California?

Learning to say more than thank you in Hawaiiin

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hiking Edgewood: Poison Oak (haiku)

Click on the illustration above to get up close and personal with...
Toxicodendron diversilobum a.k.a. Poison Oak!

Subtle little sticks.
Shiny leaves brings itchy rash.
Urushiol, help!

~ ~ ~