Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Slow Travel New York City

* Dutchess County is a doable field trip from Manhattan. I'd love to go during apple harvest season
* My daughters apartment is two doors down from a Saturday Farmer's market. A little local below seems to appreciate the beans he found there!
* The Metropolitan Museum of Art, only 6.5 blocks from my daughter's apartment (!) is famed for it's Egyptian collection. I always return to the Temple of Dendur - whole enclosed within the museum

* I'm quite partial to the enormous (looks to be life sized?) blue whale in the Natural History Museum - another splendid place to visit. 
*We were lucky enough to hear the Boyd Family singing gospel music, beneath the arches of the Terrace adjacent to the Bethesda Fountain They can often be found there - Their music is also available on amazon - though I bought mine then and there!

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