Friday, April 12, 2013

Dogged Delight (Field Trip to Stacks for Breakfast)

This Doggie Founder Sign,
on display at the San Carlos Stacks,
gives a hint as to why this restaurant
is my kind of plac
My daughter and I are partial to the local breakfast/lunch chain Stacks. We head over there for brunch when she's home for college and reminisce over  long-ago out-to-lunch memories from her younger days. The staff never seems to mind how long we hang out in the big comfy booths. They also know how to decorate for the winter holidays.

Oh yes, their food is pretty durn good too - especially their blueberry wheat germ pancakes and the yogurt sundae (it's a regular meal not a desert).

The main  link ( )  doesn't currently show the Stacks in San Carlos and Redwood City.

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