Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Surviving: Halloween in the Rest of the Animal Kingdom (part 3of 3)

Adventures of Halloween Mouse

Click on the Illustration Above to get up close and personal with Halloween Mouse

     For some of us animals, November 1'st is a matter of brushing and flossing extra-carefully, and tossing the rest of the chocolate in the nearest bin. Then there are those of us, for whom, snagging a treat could be more than just scary.
     Was anybody else out there as concerned as I was for the survival of Halloween Mouse?
     She made it! Mazel tov, honey.

* * *
Thanks to Sage from from SageRock Digital Marketing, for sharing this lovely mouse image with me. I'm enjoying reading Sage's most recent blog entry on "Content Marketing",  and thinking about how I might use her ideas to attract the attention of time travel adventure romance readers, to my amazon Kindle book, My Heart Beats Faster in Past Times
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